Sunday, 26 October 2014


Left to Right: Haleigh Muir & Lucy Saez
Over 24 hours later the dust has finally settled with the results now officially out and the end of the relay season which is so exciting for us all....but a pain in the rear for me to organise!
Another busy day at Cumbernauld Park with the whole of the Scottish athletic community out in the full technicolour of running vests and club tents galore.  Everyone of the junior Harriers performed to their best against the rest of Scotland.  Remember "Winning is giving your best, not a position".
The wind and the rain affected every runner's time yesterday from juniors to seniors to veterans.  It is a tough course on a good day and even tougher with the weather we had yesterday.  So everyone take a bow and even though we didn't medal there were good performances.
To the actual relay race we had Lucy Saez for Team A on first leg and Hayleigh Muir leading for Team B.  Being both first timers at Cumbernauld, Lucy & Haleigh started off cautiously and worked their way around the twists & turns the course had to offer. Lucy was first home in (16:36) followed by Haleigh in (17:32).
Taking over from Lucy was Megan Anderson starting her 2014 cross country season and another first timer at Cumbernauld.  Megan managed to overhaul 17 runners on leg 2 and came home with a time of (15:01).  For Team B Louise Brown was on leg 2 duty and she last ran at this event in 2012 as a under 13 runner. Louise performed well overhauling 14 runners and finishing Team B's part in the relay in (15:27)
The last leg for Team A was Morgan Beaton as the only under 17 competing for the club.  As always Morgan ran with no pressure and just did her own race. She even ended up completing her leg with the under 13 boys running by her in their first leg.  All credit to Morgan she carried on right to the end in a time of (17:28).
The Calderglen Boys this year were the dynamic duo of Marc McQuade and Jack MacBain. Both first timers at Cumbernauld but both experienced runners.  Marc is a regular 5k Pollok Parkrun runner with his Dad, Owen, who he now regular beats.  Following on from the West Districts 2 weeks ago, Marc was on first leg duty again and continued to show a strong performance holding his own with the rest of the young male Scottish runners.  Marc completed his first leg in (12:39) with Jack MacBain taking over responsibility for the team in leg 2.  This was Jack's first race for the club and cross country race.  He put in a stellar first time performance setting a time of (13:34) which I am more than confident he will improve on next year. 
So a final thank you to all 7 runners yesterday, John Mullen for his continued coaching support aka right hand man, the cast of thousands that helped with putting the tent up starting with Andy Henderson for assisting me on Friday night to load it into my car, the random man who was admiring our tent I cajoled  to help us put it up, John Mullen, Mark Saez, Tommy & Mary Anderson, Craig & Alexis Brown and Jim Holmes. Last but not least all the Senior runners who helped pack the tent up and load into my car and finally to Andy Henderson and Jim Holmes for assisting with getting it back into the cricket store cupboard after a long day.
Roll on the next races , the National Short XC Course on Sun 9th November in 2 weeks,  Lanarkshire Cross Country Championships on Sat 29th November followed a week later by the West District Cross Country Championships on Sat 6th December. Please see link to the senior race report:

Friday, 24 October 2014


See above link which will give you further links to Event Entry Information, Final Event Information, Event Start Lists, Course Map and Location Map.
Registration is at the start/finish area of the course in Cumbernauld Park. Parking is at Cumbernauld High School (G67 2UF). There will be refreshments to buy in the school cafe and on the course. **Please note I have pre-registered all athletes so I will pick up the athlete numbers.**

To ensure safe arrival, getting a car park space, meeting up and doing a warm up can everyone be there for 11am.
If we meet on the course as I will have the club tent and will need to park nearer to get it on the course.

Race Start Times

Young Females, 3 x 2.5k, 12.30pm
Young Males, 3 x 2.5.k, 1.05pm

On the day please remember
1.Calderglen Harrier black & amber vest - remember this is essential (phone if you need to buy one) Black shorts or black running trousers
2. Ideally cross country spikes or trail shoes. If not your trainers but it will be harder to run.
3. Safety pins for pinning your number on your vest
4. Layers in case it's cold and waterproofs in case of wet weather. Wellie boots if you have time to walk the course. Spare socks & clothes
5. Food and drink for after your race. Money if you want to buy food.
6. If you can't make the race please let me know ASAP
See you all tomorrow, Richard

Saturday, 18 October 2014


U11 Team A: Joe Jackson, Patrick Saez & Fergus Kane
The build up to this event was quite stressful from organisational point of view. As a parent quoted "its like herding wild cats" which I agreed. Even this morning there was late call off due to ill health which resulted more juggling and the loss of a team. However coaches, athletes and parents all got to Drumpellier Park for the designated time of 10:30am.

Once I got the numbers I got John to issue them while I was a running vest vendor stall and Jill gave out the smaller vests for the younger kids to borrow. Then Mark Saez took all the kids for drills and a warm up. So a super team effort from the Harrier support team got us all off to a good start. A big thank you to Allan & Mhairi McAuslin for being volunteers to assist the LAAA.

First up was the u11 girls with Holly McAneny (Team A) and Holly Williamson (Team B) on 1st leg duty, and no it wasn't essential for first leg runners to be called Holly just coincidence. Holly McAneny was first Harrier home in (4:46) passing over 2nd leg duty to sister Cara. With a bit of sibling rivalry I think Cara wanted to run faster than Holly. However Holly has had a cold and missed training so her excuses were before the racing started. Cara McAneny's time was (4:59). Holly Williamson was next in passing over to Laurie McCormack for Team B. Cara completed her leg and final leg duty was to Sophie Williamson (Holly's sister). Final leg went to Ellie Keaveny who had a tremendous run and hauled in 5 runners finishing in 9th place. There was a mix up with recording of their times for Team B so sorry no individual times.

Team A's position was 5th out of 12 teams and total time was (14:49) and Team B's position was 9th and total time was (15:45). 2 top ten positions.

Next up were the under 11 boys with Patrick Saez running for Team A and Dillion McAuslin for Team B. Both teams had good potential so it was exciting and nerve racking waiting on runners returning. Dillion came in first in (4:40) then Patrick in (4:42)(it turned out Patrick had fallen which slowed him down). Leg 2 runner for Team B Louis Blake went next followed by Fergus Kane for  Team A. Fergus (4:33) did a fantastic job of hauling in Louis and 4 other runners with Louis (4:37) fighting every step to stay in podium contention. At this point Team B were overall 3rd and Team A were 2nd overall with East Kilbride AC leading.

Joe Jackson (4:33) put in a strong fast leg to maintain a convincing 2nd place overall and new to the club Aidan Howell (5:13) had a tough job to keep that 3rd place. He was out ran by more experienced runners from Airdrie Harriers & Springburn Harriers and was able to achieve 6th overall for Team B. So well done to all the boys and especially to Team A.

Team A's position was 2nd and total time was 13:48 and Team B's position was 6th and total time was 14:30. Another 2 top ten positions.

Team C was incomplete but no less keen to do well.  1st Leg was Rio Jordan who ran a surprising (5:01) finishing in 10th place.  Then new kid on the block Callum Black took the 2nd leg but sadly did not finish. There is always next time.

Our older girls were out next. Like the other relay races the team format was 1st leg under 13, 2nd leg under 13 or 15 and 3rd leg under 15 or 17. So with 2 teams out this was a great turnout. For Team A we had Lucy Saez on 1st leg who finished in (8:01) building on from last week's race, handing over to Jada Amoah who like Lucy raced last week & put in good steady run (7:38) and Kate Kane returning to competitive running did the final leg in an impressive (6:44).    Team A's position was 13th out of 18 teams and total time was (22:23).

For Team B we had Ellie McCormack doing her first relay for the club in 1st leg delivering a good time (8:55) who then passed over to Megan Williamson. Megan benefited from running last week and was shifting in (7:12) hauling in 8 places and the final leg was to another Megan, Megan Anderson who put in a fine performance. This was her first race of the season setting a good benchmark time of (7:31) showing she has the potential to improve through the season and maintained the lead Megan Williamson achieved. Team B's position was 17th and total time was (23:38).  Well done the girls!

Last but not least Drew Gordon was representing the club in the under 17 Mens race.  This age group ran the 1st leg of the senior men & women race which is a 4k out and back. Drew had tough peer opposition and completed his race in (19:26). I think Drew we need to get you up to the seniors on a Monday & Thursday!
As a Coach I was really proud, excited and delighted with everyones' run today. You all have great potential, and you are showing we are force to be reckoned with in Lanarkshire so lets keep this going for next week's race at the National XC Relays in Cumbernauld and the rest of the season.

Remember "Winning is giving your best, not a position". All the Harriers on Saturday did their best

Friday, 17 October 2014


Registration is at the Visitor Centre in Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge (ML5 1RX). There will be refreshments to buy in the Visitor Centre cafe.

Please note I have pre-registered all athletes so I will pick athlete numbers and pay the club race fees.

To ensure safe arrival, getting a car park space, meeting up and doing a warm up can everyone be there for 1030am. If we meet outside the Visitor Centre as I am sure it will be busy.

Race Start Times

Girls under 11, 3 x 1.2k, 1130
Boys under 11, 3 x 1.2k, 1145
Girls under 13/15/17, 3 x 2k, 1200
Boys under 13, 3 x 2.4k, 1220
Boys under 15, 3 x 2.4k, 1245
Men under 17, 1 x 4k, 1315

On the day please remember

1.Calderglen Harrier black & amber vest - remember this is essential (phone if you need to buy one) for the younger ones I have a batch of 30 inch chest size vests to borrow. Black shorts or black running trousers
2. Road racing trainers (normal running shoes)
3. Safety pins for pinning your number on your vest
4. Layers in case it's cold and waterproofs in case of wet weather
5. Food and drink for after your race
6. If you can't make the race please let me know ASAP - you should all have my mobile
See you all tomorrow, Richard


For those not doing the Lanarkshire AAA Road Relay there is an event closer to home happening in Calderglen Country Park.

The Dirty Duo is cycle cross and trail running event around Calderglen Country Park on Sunday 19th October. First race starts at 10am.

It is based on the Triathlon and competitors will run, cycle and run again through the trails.

The age group catergories are 8-11 year old, 12-16 year old and 17 years and over.

If your child or indeed you or other members of your family wish to enter please find further information on how to get involved in the event please click onto the South Lanarkshire and Culture web site:
Dirty Duo - Cycle Cross & Trail Running Event

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


A late change in venue meant that the hundreds of junior runners lining up for the first cross country of the season were given an easier ride around the perimeter of a picturesque little park in the heart of Kilmalcolm rather than what should have been an agricultural course on the outskirts of Port Glasgow. The reason for the change of venue? The long, dry summer made the ground hard and rutted and hence posed a health and safety risk! Only in Scotland. Anyway, I didn't hear any Harriers complaining as the one lap 2.5k course around the park suited the juniors just fine.
First up were our junior girls with mixture of old and new Harriers but new to competitive running. We initially had 2 complete teams however that changed and Megan Anderson had to sadly pull out.  However this didn't deter the other 5 runners and they all approached the race with a nervous disposition but none the less willing and able to do the race.
First up for Team A was Lucy Saez who has struck a deal with her Dad to do all the winter races for exchange of some fancy bag.  So Lucy was leading Team A, out with the other first leg runners in (13:12) handing over to Jada Amoah.  Jada is a recent new recruit to the club and has had plenty of experience running these distances with her dog doing cani-fit.  She coped admirable without her dog and completing her leg in (11:55).
The Calderglen Harrier B Team had a full compliment of 3 runners. New runner to the club Haleigh Muir on leg 1 lead the team and finished in 13:10. A fine start to hopefully a long running career. Next up was Megan Williamson running her first cross country for the club.  She was racing fellow club runner Jada around and was pipped at the post doing a solid (12:00) leg. Morgan Beaton had the tough task taking over from Megan racing against the under 17 girls.  Morgan did very well in  time of 9:49 which is very impressive.
The Calderglen Boys team were Marc McQuade on leg 1 duty doing a great performance against rest of the West in (10:12) and trying to give his team mate Ross Cameron a good start to haul in the leg 2 runners.  Ross was exceptionally fast leg 2 in (9:51) and the final leg was Drew Gordon a stalwart of the Harriers.  Drew completed leg 3 in (11:17) with his water bottle in tow. I am sure that held him back by 10 seconds!
Well done to all. It was a great day in the sun. If anyone has photos, please pass them on. My motto for this year is "Winning is giving your best, not a position". All the Harriers on Saturday did their best.

Roll on next race, the Lanarkshire AAA Road Relay Championships.

Monday, 13 October 2014


John spoke to all the under 13/15/17s that were at last week's training informing training is off this week only for his group.  This due to a personal reason for John and to ensure safety for young athletes and the absence of a few other coaches it is safer to cancel.
John's training group will resume training on Wednesday 22nd October at 6:30pm.
Thank you


The Lanarkshire Road Relay Championship will take place within Drumpellier Park in Coatbridge on roads which are not open to traffic.The event takes place on Saturday 18th October. Details are as follows:

Race Start Time Age Group Distance
11.30 Under 11 Girls 3 x 1200 metres
11.45 Under 11 Boys 3 x 1200 metres
12.00 *Under 13/U15/U17 Girls 3 X 2000 metres
12.20 Under 13 Boys 3 x 2400 metres
12.45 Under 15 Boys 3 x 2400 metres
13.15 Under 17 Men (4K straight race on 1st leg of senior mens relay.  U17 men will not be allowed to run in senior mens team)
13.15 Senior Men 4 x 4000 metres
13.15 Senior Ladies 3 x 4000 metres

* The girls race will consist of teams comprising of first leg Under 13, 2nd leg Under 15 or Under 13, 3rd leg Under 17 or Under 15 .

All Calderglen Harriers young athletes should report to Drumpellier Park Visitor Centre , Townhead Road at 10.30 am to allow enough time for team selection and warm up.

Please note if you wish your child to be entered for this race I need names by Wednesday 15th October Please see John or Richard at the club.

Friday, 10 October 2014


Attention all competitors.......Event details

Competition Information for Team Members, Supporters and Athletes

Race Declarations / Changing: Port Glasgow High School, Port Glasgow Community Campus, Kilmacolm Road, Port Glasgow, PA14 6PP

Race Course: Birkmyre Park, Broomknowe Road, Kilmacolm, PA13 4HX

Please be at Port Glasgow High School for 10.15am

I will be there on Saturday and will meet you outside Port Glasgow High School. I will pick up the numbers to issue as I need to declare the running order. Everyone will need to get on one of the provided shuttle buses to be driven to the course. **NO PARKING AT THE COURSE**.

Teams will consist of three athletes: under 13/under 15/ under 17 in both boys and girls races.

Race Timetable: Young females, 11.30am, 3 x 2500m, Young males, 12.05pm, 3 x 2500m

Friday night, remember to pack your bag on Friday night & don’t leave it late!

On the day please remember

Calderglen Harrier black & amber vest - remember this is essential (phone if you need to buy one)
Black shorts / running tights
Spikes or Trail trainers
Safety pins for pinning your number on your vest
Layers in case it's cold and waterproofs in case of wet weather
A bag or bin bag to put your clothes and stuff in case of wet weather
Spare shoes or wellington boots if planning to walk the course (also spare socks)
Food and drink for after your race
If you can't make the race please let me know.

Remember allow plenty of time to travel, find place and park. Hopefully there should be ample parking in the school car park. 

Good luck & see all on Saturday

Thursday, 2 October 2014



The National Cross Country Relay will take place at:

Venue: Cumbernauld Park, Cumbernauld
Date: Saturday 25th October 2014

Registration is at Cumbernauld High School (South Kildrum Ring Road, G67 2UF) where all young athletes should report at 11am for relay team selection to take place. The park is approximately 1 mile from the school. Please arrive at the school in good time as car parking is very limited. The girls race start at 12.30 pm and the boys at 1.05 pm.
All races are Teams of 3 athletes

Race                    Age Group         Race Start         Laps
Young Females      u13/15/u17         12.30pm             3 x 2,500 metres

Young Males          u13/15/u17         1.05pm               3 x 2,500 metres

Deadline for entries are Wednesday 8th October.  Please let me know at training, by email or if your Coach is John then let him know and he will inform me.
Event Notes

1st LAP Under 13, 2nd LAP Under 15 OR Under 13 and 3rd LAP Under 17 OR Under 15
Those wishing to run remember must be current members of the Scottish Athletics Membership Scheme.  Any members, new or exisitng, unsure of what this is please ask your Coach or myself for information.

All Young Athletes must wear their club colours running vest - these can be purchased from the club for £12.  Please see Richard on this matter.

Thank you for your attention, Richard