Monday, 1 April 2019


I had put this on FB and now  adding it to the blog in case people are not part of the FB group.   If you want to be added to the FB group please email me.

I told a few parents and the kids last week that attended training we are taking the school spring break off. This marks the end of winter with a rest and everyone to come break re-freshed ready to train for the club's Trail race on Friday 29th June.

So no training on the following Wednesdays, 3rd and 10th April, and we will return as normal on Wednesday 17th April.

Saturday session won't be on this week (6th April) as Coach Mark is doing the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7th April and is making a weekend of it. So please join me in wishing Mark good luck and hope you have a good marathon.

Mark is planning to do a Saturday session on 13th April and will notify everyone on FB next week of further details.

Please pass this message onto anyone you know that attends the Harriers who might not be aware we are on a break.