Monday, 20 July 2015


Victoria Park Junior Parkrun #37 (2k)
1st, Evan Falconer Hughes, 7.55, new Pb by 4 seconds

Evan was a previous member of the club who is returning and he has shown he is in good form by getting a Pb of 4 seconds and being first overall.

Well done Evan and see you in August.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Victoria Park Junior Parkrun #36 (2k)
7th, Kai Wheeler, 9.14, new Pb by 23 seconds

Great solo effort from Kai at Victoria Park with being holiday season and alot of people away.  Well done Kai!

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Strathclyde Park Parkrun #264 (5k)

29th, Evan Falconer Hughes, 24:01, 1st timer
32nd, Lewis Moir, 24:08

Victoria Junior Park Parkrun #35 (2k)

9th, Ava Byrne, 9:35
10th, Kai Wheeler, 9.37
54th, Emma Mearns, 14:09

Friday, 3 July 2015


After a week has gone by and the dust has settled on the 18th Calderglen Harrier Trail Race Festival I thought it was time to draw a line and conclude with a report in my capacity as Junior Coordinator and a Coach. 
With varying weather of recent we were lucky to have a nice evening of weather than everyone appreciated although towards the end of the night there was a few midgies flying about making folks scratch their heads alot. Generally the event ran smoothly despite the added introduction of new 3k, 5k and 10k routes and Russell Couper as usual did a great job as Race Director which involved alot of pre-race and on the day planning, organising and implementing.  The biggest elephant in the room that I have to mention is the 3k race. 
There was an issue with the 3k when some of the runners went off route. This will be looked at when we meet to go over all of the nights events and remedies will be put in place. All other races appear to have gone well despite the new courses. I can add the problem was solved for the 5k and 10k. However moving onto performances and the junior buffet.
Once again the parents were very generous with food donations of sweets, cakes, sandwiches and the rest.  Sarah and I were so greatful and all the junior runners had a good try to demolish the food but there was still loads left.  So the remainder was added to the buffet for 5k & 10k runners which was a great thing to do.  Again thank you very much for supporting Calderglen Harriers, junior and senior sections with this part of the event. Moving onto performances.
All the junior Calderglen Harriers seem to have brilliant night with good performances after months of hard training and there was a number of Harriers who medal in team prizes and on the podium.
Lewis Moir took the honours this year and won the 1k event in a time of 4:03 and along with his club mates Finn and Rudi won the team prize.  Finn Buckman was 6th in 4:16 and Rudi Jordan was 7th in 4:17.   The first female under 9 Harrier home was Rachel Jones in 4:32.
Despite some runners going off course in the 3k, Patrick Saez, Joe Jackson and Louis Blake were on course!  Patrick was 1st in 13:33, Joe 2nd in 13:35 and Louis in 3rd was rewarded with the same time of 13:35.  Fantastic performance from this trio and I feel proud after coaching them for the last season.  First female Harrier home in this race was Libby Currie in 14:55, in the under 15s Christopher  McCarron did the race in 14:26 and Louise Brown in 17:03.  They were both first Harriers home in this age group.
Well done to all the young athletes who took part in Friday's races and see you all in 2016 for another good night of running!
Young Athlete Section Trail Race Performance Awards 
The following young athletes were 1st Calderglen Harrier home in their age groups.  Nike vouchers will rewarded to all Performance Award winners.
Rachel Jones, Under 9 Girl, 1k
Lewis Moir, Under 9 Boy, 1k
Libby Currie, Under 11 Girl, 3k
Patrick Saez, Under 11 Boy, 3k
Lucy Saez, Under 13 Girl, 3k
Louise Brown, Under 15 Girl, 3k
Christopher McCarron, Under 15 Boy, 3k

Official Trail Race Team Prizes

1k Boys Team Prize
Lewis Moir, Finn Buckman & Rudi Jordan

3k Under 13 Boys Team Prize
Patrick Saez, Joe Jackson & Louis Blake

Official Trail Race Age Group Prizes

Lewis Moir, 1st u9 male & overall winner
Finn Buckman, 3rd u9 male

3k - u13
Patrick Saez, 1st u13 male & overall winner
Joe Jackson, 2nd u13 male
Louis Blake, 3rd u13 male

3k - u15
Christopher McCarron, 2nd u15 male
Louise Brown, 3rd u15 female