Sunday, 22 May 2011


It has been brought to the clubs attention that parking on the main drive in the park can not continue as access is required for emergency veichles to Torrance house and the Golf Club.
We appreciate parking is difficult on occasion at this time but for our part if the Sports Club car park is full could we use the main car park which is only 2 mins away. All other sections and the Football facility have been spoken to about this and it has been noted the police have been in the park looking at the situation. It is the Harriers commitees wish that none of our members get caught up in any follow up on this.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Reminder: £1 fee for Wednesday 18th May 2011

For all the blog readers, please remember to give your son or daughter their £1 weekly fee for training tomorrow night.

Thank you kindly,

Calderglen Trail Races - Friday 24th June 2011

Date for the diary.  The Calderglen Harriers are holding their annual Trail Races on Friday 24th June.

Free Entry to all Young Athletes who have paid their fees.
To get entry to the race free, please ask for a registration form on a Wednesday night training. 
Any parents feel like dipping their toe into running there is races for adults too!

1K starts at 6pm, for under 9s
3K starts at 6:30pm, for under 11, under 13 & under 15 age groups
5K starts at 7pm, for over 15's
10K starts at 7:30pm for over 15's

See link for more details:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Further to communication on our revised fee structure for our Young Athletes, we will re-commence the collection of £1 per athlete/family from Wednesday 11th May until 30th November 2011.  There will be no fees charged in December.

As explained previously, the £15 paid earlier was for membership of the EK Sports Club under their new charging structure. Please note there are outstanding membership fees due from some Young Athletes so please check with Richard Lawton if you have paid.

The weekly £1 fee will be used to build funds for the Harriers to subside race entries, equipment and activities for the Young Athletes. 

I would be obliged therefore if as of Wednesday 11th May your child has their fee to give to their coach for collection.