Sunday, 23 October 2011


In previous years the above event has taken place at the Royal Academy in Irvine however the race organisers, Scottish Athletics, have not confirmed the location for this year.  However they have confirmed the race is on Saturday 10th December. Details are as follows:

In accordance with regulations all athletes in the Under 13 age category upwards must be registered with Scottish Athletics. Ages as at 31 August / 1 September 2011. 
(As a guideline, this information is from the 2010 race as this year's details have not been issued by Scottish Athletics)
Age Group Start Time Distance
Under 13 Girls 12 noon 3,200 metres
Under 13 Boys 3,200 metres
Under 15 and Under 17 Girls 12.30 pm 4,400 metres
Under 15 Boys 12.50 pm 4,400 metres
Under 17 Boys 1.35 pm 6,400 metres
If you intend taking part in this race give your name and Scottish Athletics number to Richard Lawton by Wednesday 24 November at training at the latest. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Club vests (black & amber with vertical strip) for this event are compulsory. They can be bought for £12 and the junior section have a number to borrow however these are only up to 30" chest.

LANARKSHIRE XC CHAMPIONSHIPS (Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge)

This event will take place on Saturday 19 November at Drumpellier Park in Coatbridge (enter the park from Blair Road). All the races are "head to head" and not relays like the recent race. Ages as at 31 August /
1 September 2011. Details are as follows:

I have not received this year's event details so referring to last year's details the start times are 12 noon for Under 11s' and the last race Senior Mens starts at 2.15pm.  I will confirm races times when I receive this year's timetable.

Under 11 Girls & Boys 1200 metres (1 small lap)
Under 13 Girls & Boys 2500 metres (1 large lap)
Under 15 Girls & Boys 3700 metres (1 small + large lap)
Under 17 Ladies & Mens, Senior Ladies 5000 metres (2 large laps)
Senior Mens 10000 metres ( 4 large laps)

If you intend taking part in this race give your name to Richard Lawton by Wednesday 16 November at training at the latest or by email.

On the day
Please arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before your race start time to collect your number and allow enough time for a warm up.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships - Official Results

Here is the link for the official results.

Any problems using this link the results are on the Scottish Athletics website ( under the fixtures menu and all events are date organised.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Under 15 Boys bag bronze in Lanarkshire Road Relays

A great turnout from the Junior Harriers in the Lanarkshire Road Relays saw our under 15 boys team take the bronze medals.  Well done Andrew,Craig and Paul.

Well done to the under 13 girl teams who competed at yesterdays Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships at Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge. Although there were no medals won yesterday in this age group, all of the athletes, including some making their debuts, performed well.

As soon as the official results are available I will let you all know.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships - Young Athletes

Hi Everyone,

Firstly just like to say thank for encouraging and allowing your kids to do the race and compete as a Calderglen Harrier.  I have pre-entered the following people:

The teams for Saturday are:

u13 Girl - Team 1: 1st Leg C Devlin, 2nd Leg L Brown and 3rd Leg K Kane    
u13 Girl - Team 2: 1st Leg M Anderson, 2nd Leg C McDermott and no 3rd Leg  

u15 Boy Team: 1st Leg A McGurk, 2nd Leg C Stewart and 3rd Leg P Mullen           
u13 Girls race starts at 12pm and u15 Boys starts 12:20pm.  So please arrive at 11:30am so I can issue your number and do any required warm up.

Drumpellier Park Visitor Centre, Townhead Road, Coatbridge, ML5 1RX

Running Kit

Footwear is normal running shoes, Calderglen Harrier running vest (if you dont have a selection of small vests, chest 30 inches) to borrow, if you have a yellow Calderglen Harrier t-shirt please wear and black shorts/running trousers (what ever you prefer)

I plan to be there for 1130 so I can get the numbers and I will stay at the visitor centre.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships - Young Athletes

The above races will take place within Drumpellier Park in Coatbridge on roads which are not open to traffic.The event takes place on Saturday 15 October. Details are as follows:

Ages as at midnight 31 August 2010

Race Start Time Age Group Distance
11.30 Under 11 Girls 3 x 1200 metres
11.45 Under 11 Boys 3 x 1200 metres
12.00 *Under 13/U15/U17 Girls 3 X 2,000 metres
12.20 Under 13 Boys 3 x 2,400 metres
12.45 Under 15 Boys 3 x 2,400 metres
13.15 Under 17 Men (4K straight race on 1st leg of senior mens relay.  U17 men will not be allowed to run in senior mens team)
13.15 Senior Men 4 x 4000 metres
13.15 Senior Ladies 3 x 4000 metres

* The girls race will consist of teams comprising of first leg Under 13, 2nd leg Under 15 or Under 13, 3rd leg Under 17 or Under 15 .

All Calderglen Harriers young athletes should report to Drumpellier Park Visitor Centre , Townhead Road at 10.30 am to allow enough time for team selections.

Please note if you wish your child to be entered for this race I need names by Wednesday 12 October Please see Richard at the club or contact me by email.