Monday, 17 September 2012

East Kilbride Track & Field Championships

Sunday 16th September 2012 was the inaugural East Kilbride Track & Field Championships organised/co-hosted by East Kilbirde Athletics Club & Whitemoss Amateur Athletics Club.  Amongst the primary & secondary school pupils in East Kilbride that were invited to participate, Calderglen Harriers Young Athletes were invited to participate as being the 3rd running/athletic club in East Kilbride.
Five Harriers rose to the challenge to compete and represent the club.  The five were Lewis Barclay, Megan Anderson, Louise Brown, Emma Lawton & Clare MacMillan.  Lewis was in the under 9 category and the rest of the team were in the under 13 category. 
The under 9’s completed 3 events which were Long Jump, 60m and 300m and the under 13 completed 4 events were Long Jump, Shot Putt, 200, and 800m.
One of the best sites of the day was seeing the 4 under 13s lining up for the 800 in their Harrier vests as I am determined to see more young athletes competing for the club and fly the Harrier flag!
All athletes who ran performed well against the EKAC & Whitemoss club runners and school runners however the Emma Lawton & Lewis Barclay were successful in winning overall medals in their age group events.
Lewis Barclay achieved 3rd place overall in Long Jump & 60m and Emma Lawton achieved 2nd place overall in the 800m.  The medals were awarded the fastest times / the longest jumped amongst all the heats.
Thanks to all the athletes that competed, the parents that supported their child getting to the event and cheering, and thank you to both East Kilbirde Athletics Club & Whitemoss Amateur Athletics Club for inviting us to compete.
Will post link for results when become available.  In the meantime you can try the East Kilbirde Athletics Club & Whitemoss Amateur Athletics Club websites.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


This is first cross country race of the season and the competition details are:

Venue: Kilmarnock (St Joseph's Academy, Grassyard Road, KA3 7SL)
Date: Saturday 13th October 2012

All races are Teams of 3 athletes except the Senior/Junior Men which is a team 4 athletes

Race                           Age Group         Race Start         Laps
Young Females             u13/15/u17         11.30am             3 x 2,500 metres
Young Males                u13/15/u17         12.05pm             3 x 2,500 metres Senior/Junior Women                              12.40pm            3 x 4,000 metres
Senior/Junior Men                                   1.30pm              4 x 4,000 metres

Deadline for entries are Wednesday 19th September.  Please let me know at training, by email or if your Coach is John then let him know and he will inform me.

Event Notes

Please note that the Young Athletes races will allow clubs to have a slightly more flexible format for age groups on each lap.

1st LAP Under 13, 2nd LAP Under 15 OR Under 13 and 3rd LAP Under 17 OR Under 15

Those wishing to run remember must be current members of the Scottish Athletics Membership Scheme.  Any members, new or exisitng, unsure of what this is please ask your Coach or myself for information.

All Young Athletes must wear their club colours running vest - these can be purchased from the club for £12.  Please see Richard on this matter.

Thank you for your attention.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday 5th September Training

Just to alert everyone who reads the blog that TRAINING IS ON AS NORMAL @ 6.30pm.
Please note, there is a meeting in the hall at 7.30pm so we are not allowed to come back into the hall after the session.  So can parents & young athletes meet each other in the clubhouse entrance hall for pick up.

Great Scottish Run 2012

The junior events for the Great Scottish Run 2012 were on Saturday 1st September relocated from Glasgow Green to the city centre for the first time this year.  There was a number of junior Harriers out in the streets of Glasgow and thanks to our roving reporter Stephen Phimister for spotting these Harriers. 

The athletes and their times were:

3k race (over 1300 runners participated)

Drew Gordon, 12.35, (151st) (pb of 1min 19 secs)
Kate Kane, 13.15, (224th)
Max Monteith, 13.19, (237th)
Liam Woods, 13.36 (271st)
Mark Phimister, 13.40 (281st)
Marc McQuade, 14.39 (418th)
Anna Fagan, 14.45, (434th)
Emma Phimister, 15.27 (518th)

Family Mile

Rachel & Ross Wardrope

Well done to all and thanks to Stephen Phimister for the names & times. If I have missed anyone I apologise in advance and please let me know so I can add your details to the report.