Monday, 29 October 2012


Absent from this event in 2011 the Calderglen Harrier Young Athletes returned to this annual event and for a change it was sunnier but a cold day at Cumbernauld for the 2012 National Cross Country Relays Championships. There was 8 Young Harriers in action on Saturday and most of them debuting at this tough cross country event. 
The girls fielded 2 incomplete teams with Louise Brown (2nd year u13) leading off for the A team and completing the 1st leg in 13:40.  Kate Kane took the 2nd leg and recorded the fastest young female Harrier time of the day in 13:27.  The B team (official results state C team) was started by Anna Fegan (2nd year u13) only in her 2nd competitive race for the Harriers and finished her leg in 14:46.  Then Claire MacMillan (2nd year u13) took on the second leg and brought the team home in a time of 14:11.
The winning club in this race was Giffnock North’s A team with a total time of 31:16 and leg times of 10:21 (u13), 10:20 (u15) and 10:35 (u17).
In the second race of the day were the Young Male athletes running the same 2.5k course.  On this occasion we had 1 complete team and 1 incomplete team.  First up for the A team was Jack Houston (under 13) made his cross country debut (difficult course to start on) and finished in 12:37, taking over was Drew Gordon who last did this course in 2010 as an u13 and he did himself proud as u15 now by completing his leg in 13.03, a course best by 16 seconds and the final leg was done by Craig Stewart (under 15) who ran 11:44 with his new spikes!  Total running time was 37:24.
Following on from his good cross country form displayed at the West District, Kevin McGurk had a team to himself and he completed his leg in 11:33. This was the fastest young male Harrier time of the day.
The winning club in this race was Inverclyde AC A team with a total time of 27:11 and leg times of 9:15 (u13), 9:31 (u15) and 8:25 (u17).
Emma Lawton, now running 2nd claim for the Harriers, had an impressive debut performance over the tough 2.5k course, finished an impressive 9th in the 1st leg in a time of 10:59 and was 9th fastest u13 female out of 25.  The Giffnock North C team had a total running time of 33:27 and leg times of 10:59 (u13), 11:08 (u15) and 11:20 (u17) achieving 10th team overall out of 67 complete teams.  Well done to Emma who is coming on leaps and bounds with every race.
Once again many thanks to the parents of the young athletes for supporting the club at this event. 
Next race is the Lanarkshire Cross Country Championships on Saturday 17th November in Coatbridge.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

TRAINING CANCELLED-Wed 17th & 31st October

Please note due to the school October week and Halloween all coaches have decided to cancel training on Wednesday  17th & 31st October.

Next Training night is  Wednesday 7th November @ 6.30pm

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships Report

Saturday 20th October was the 2012 Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships held at its usual venue of Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge. There was a small number the club's young athletes at this annual event.

First off were the under 11 boys team running the 1.2k course with Joseph Fegan running the first leg in a time of 6:08.  Liam Wood took over and ran 5:10 while on the third leg Marc McQuade finished on 5:35 giving a total time of 16:53 and 6th team out of 7 complete teams.  The winning club in this race was Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers with a total time of 14:36 and leg times of 4:45, 5:03 and 4:48.

In the second race of the day we had 2 incomplete girl teams however the 4 girls were undeterred by this and Helen Anderson (Under 13) ran the first leg along with her sister Megan (Under 13) and completed the 2k course in 8:44 and Megan did her leg in 8:32.  Helen handed over to Kate Kane (Under 13) who ran an excellent 8:09 and this concluded their race.  Megan passed over to the newest member of the girl’s squad Anna Fegan (Under 13) who finished in 8:43. The winning club in this race was again Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers with a total time of 21:35 and leg times of 7:23, 6:56 and 7:16.

The third race of the day was the boys under 13 with another incomplete team however the only member Kevin McGurk ran his 2.4k leg in 10:01.  The fastest leg of the day in this race was 8:49 (Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers runner).

The final race of the day was the under 15 boys running the same 2.4k course.  Our sole Harrier was Craig Stewart who ran 9.23 and which was 10th fastest time in his age group. The winning club in this race was Law with a total time of 24:47 and leg times of 8:06, 8:29 & 8:12.

Once again many thanks to the parents/carers of the young athletes for supporting the club at this event.  Special thanks to John Mullen for being the Team Manager and for Mary Anderson (Megan & Helen’s Mum) and Brian Stewart (Craig’s Dad) for kindly volunteering to be our 2 volunteers that we had to supply to help with operating the event.

Next race is the National Cross Country Relays in Cumbernauld on Sat 27th October.

Monday, 15 October 2012


After the heavy rain on Thursday and the rain showers getting lighter towards race day on Saturday, we were left with near perfect conditions for the first cross country race of the winter season with a course thick of mud that couldn’t be dodged.  7 young Harriers took part to test themselves against the rest of the young athletes within the West of Scotland.

For the first leg we had 3 incomplete teams of Helen Anderson (12.47), Kate Kane (12.51) & Claire MacMillan (13.14) all running good times on a hard course and the surprise of the day was Helen being the first Harrier back in her leg and the fastest female Harrier of the day.  A great run from Helen despite falling over a hidden tree stump.

Next up was the second leg runners of Megan Anderson (13.16) and Louise Brown (12.54).  Megan took over from Kate and Louise from Claire.  Helen was the only one in the C team and unfortunately we had no 3rd leg runners to compete fully. So come all the under 15 runners give racing a try and you might just surprise yourself that you like it!

The next race was the boys and we initially had a full team but Andrew McGurk pulled out due to straining a tendon at football practice, get better soon Andrew.  However we had his younger sibling Kevin running the first leg and he managed the course in 11.39, placed 36 out 52 runners.  Kevin was the fastest male Harrier of the day.  For the second leg and final for the Harrier boys was Craig Stewart who is a second year u15 boy in a field of 49 runners and achieved a time of 11.51 (38th place).  Well done to Craig for continuing to do well. Hopefully with the purchase of spikes we will see an even quicker time for him at the National XC in Cumbernauld.

On a personal note I feel need to mention Emma's performance.  After heavy thought Emma is now running 1st claim for Giffnock North in cross country but is still very much apart of the Harriers and with the support and encouragement of the Harriers over the last 5 years have developed her running ability to which my wife & I are greatful. So even though she had a Giffnock North vest on her DNA is Harrier colours...Black & Amber with veritical strip.  Emma was a 1st leg runner in the C team and achieved a time of 10.30mins, 4th place in her leg and the C team was 6th overall.

On behalf of the Calderglen Harriers, I would like to thank all the young athletes and parents for making this another successful event. For some of the young athletes this was their first time doing this event or cross country so hopefully valuable experience was gained by all which hopefully will lead us to future successes.

If you are in 11 yrs + you will be in either the u13/u15/u17/u20 age groups.  We are just as good and capable as any other running club.  Please think twice about competing for the Harriers – WE NEED YOU – to help complete these teams.  

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

National XC Relay, Cumbernauld - (Race No.3)

This is the 3rd race of the season and the competition details are:

Registration is at Cumbernauld High School (South Kildrum Ring Road, G67 2UF) where all young athletes should report at 11am for relay team selection to take place. The park is approximately 1 mile from the school. Please arrive at the school in good time as car parking is very limited. The girls race start at 12.30 pm and the boys at 1.05 pm.

Venue: Cumbernauld Park
Date: Saturday 27th October 2012

All races are Teams of 3 athletes except the Senior/Junior Men which is a team 4 athletes

Race                           Age Group         Race Start         Laps
Young Females             u13/15/u17         12.30pm             3 x 2,500 metres
Young Males                u13/15/u17         1.05pm               3 x 2,500 metres Senior/Junior Women                              1.40pm               3 x 4,000 metres
Senior/Junior Men                                   2.40pm               4 x 4,000 metres

Deadline for entries are Wednesday 10th October.  Please let me know at training, by email or if your Coach is John then let him know and he will inform me.

Event Notes

Please note that the Young Athletes races will allow clubs to have a slightly more flexible format for age groups on each lap.

1st LAP Under 13, 2nd LAP Under 15 OR Under 13 and 3rd LAP Under 17 OR Under 15

Those wishing to run remember must be current members of the Scottish Athletics Membership Scheme.  Any members, new or exisitng, unsure of what this is please ask your Coach or myself for information.

All Young Athletes must wear their club colours running vest - these can be purchased from the club for £12.  Please see Richard on this matter.

Thank you for your attention.

Lanarkshire Road Relay Championships - (Race No.2)

The above races will take place within Drumpellier Park in Coatbridge on roads which are not open to traffic.The event takes place on Saturday 20 October. Details are as follows:

Ages as at midnight 31 August 2012

Race Start Time Age Group Distance
11.30 Under 11 Girls 3 x 1200 metres
11.45 Under 11 Boys 3 x 1200 metres
12.00 *Under 13/U15/U17 Girls 3 X 2000 metres
12.20 Under 13 Boys 3 x 2400 metres
12.45 Under 15 Boys 3 x 2400 metres
13.15 Under 17 Men (4K straight race on 1st leg of senior mens relay.  U17 men will not be allowed to run in senior mens team)
13.15 Senior Men 4 x 4000 metres
13.15 Senior Ladies 3 x 4000 metres

* The girls race will consist of teams comprising of first leg Under 13, 2nd leg Under 15 or Under 13, 3rd leg Under 17 or Under 15 .

All Calderglen Harriers young athletes should report to Drumpellier Park Visitor Centre , Townhead Road at 10.30 am to allow enough time for team selection.

Please note if you wish your child to be entered for this race I need names by Wednesday 17 October Please see John or Richard at the club.