Wednesday, 23 September 2020

COVID-19 restrictions update - Facemask/covering mandatory

Our facility operator, East Kilbride Sports Club, has notified us that the wearing of a face mask/covering is mandatory at all times within the club.

It can only be removed if you are sitting at a table in the bar areas.

So when we meet in the gym area prior to Wednesday session you need to wear a mask.


COVID-Coordinator (Calderglen Harriers)

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Return of Club Training procedure: Wednesday 23rd September


I am sure you will be all pleased to hear the Junior Harriers can return to club training with COVID-19 restrictions on Wednesday 23rd September.


Facility changes

  • No access to club hall where we previously met 
  • MASK wearing in the Sports Club is voluntary
    Stage 1: Before you train

    • They have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in last 14 days
    • They have COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell (high temperature, continuous cough, loss or change in taste or smell)
    • They have  been overseas to a country on the quarantine list 
    Stage 2: Check your pack allocation and new training time
    • Young Athletes have been organised into Packs A to E. An email was sent to all parents informing what pack your son or daughter is in and the packs were named on the junior section private Facebook page
    • Training will be every Wednesday only
    • New time and arrangements. 1st session will be 6.15pm to 7.15pm for Pack A and B. Coaches John and Richard
    • New time and arrangements. 2nd session will be 7.30pm to 8.30pm for Packs C, D and E. Coaches John, Richard and Frances
    Stage 3: Arrive for training
    • Parents please drop your son or daughter at front door. This is to ensure social distancing can be maintained in the gym area
    • When arriving please maintain a 2m physical distance from everyone else
    • Hygiene - On entering the Sports Club all Young Athletes please use hand sanitiser situated in the reception area (between toilet doors)
    • Young Athletes - Please meet up with your Coach and pack in the club gym area. Male members enter through Gents toilets and female members through Ladies toilets.  Join your Coach and pack before and during session. Everyone else maintain a 2m physical distance
    Stage 4: Training
    • With your Coach, the leaving order will be once all members of your pack have arrived 
    • Leave a minimum 3 minute gap between packs leaving the Sports Club
    • Packs will exit Sports Club through the fire exit door in the gym
    • Young Athletes aged 11 and under in Pack A and B are not required to physically distance during training sessions
    • Young Athletes aged 12 to 17 in Packs C, D and E must physically distance during training sessions (2m side-by-side and 5 m single file)
    • Stay in your packs at all times
    • Coaches and other adults (parent helpers) must continue to physically distance from Young Athletes
    • Maintain 2m physical distance with other packs when doing all aspects of your training
    Stage 5: Training complete
    • Once training has finished your Coach will bring your son or daughter back to the cricket pitch near the Sports Club building end for you to pick them up. Suggestion stand next to new decking area at back of Sports Club as a meeting point
    • Please maintain a 2m physical distance from everyone
    • Son or daughter hands should be washed and/or sanitised as soon as possible 
    • If you become unwell after training, with COVID-19 symptoms, you should first contact your GP/NHS 24 and then inform Richard Lawton, Calderglen Harriers COVID-19 Coordinator, on any of the following ways. Email: ; Mob: 07849 231343 

    Further information

    Scottish Government guidance:

    Wednesday, 16 September 2020

    Return of Club Training: Wednesday 23rd September

    Save the date.......Junior Harrier club training returning on Wednesday 23rd September. Between the FB group page, email and the junior blog I will send out more information. Even though we are back as you know with life it now has COVID restrictions so this applies to training. So training will be as follows:

    Every Wednesday only

    1st session will be 6.15pm to 7.15pm which will be for Pack A and Pack B. This is a mixture of u11s & 13s. Coaches will be John and Richard

    2nd session will be 7.30pm to 8.30pm which will be for Packs C, D and E. This is a mixture of u13s/15s/17s. Coaches will be John, Richard and Frances.

    More information will follow.