Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wednesday 2nd May - 1K Time Trial

This is a reminder for all young athletes who are coached by Francis Maxwell and Susan Pryce

Francis and Susan have organised a 1K race to take place on Wednesday 2nd May at Calderglen Country Park. Please arrive at ususal location East Kilbride Sport Club for 6:30pm and the race will be starting prompt for 6:45pm. Numbers will be handed out next week to ensure prompt race start.  We will have marshals and official time keepers for the race. 

Any queries on this event please see either Francis or Susan at training next week.

Scottish School’s Athletic Association – Primary Schools Cross Country 2012

A number of Calderglen Harrier young athletes were out on Saturday representing their schools at the annual Scottish School’s Athletic Association – Primary Schools Cross Country at the playing fields of Kirkcaldy High School. The weather from during the week meant parts of the course were muddy and had puddles of water but in the main the course was initially good to run on, however with April showers and progress through the 8 races the course transformed into a quagmire of mud.
This is a massive event with Primary Schools from all over Scotland entering teams.  It had the same kind of feel to it as the Scottish Athletic events like Cumbernauld & Falkirk.  With a total of 8 races split for each Primary gender and then split schools A to K and L to Z there was on average about over 120 kids participating in each race so overall 800 plus kids running the event.
First to go was Emma Lawton, representing Kirktonholme Primary, who lined up with 118 runners in the girls Primary 6 A to K race and put in a determined performance in this 1.5K cross country course.  With the first 100 metres flat then progressing another 100 metres uphill, Emma pushed her way to the front of the pack and was lying around 5th place by the first bend with the front runner from Clifton Hall school leading.  On the first back straight Emma was progressing nicely through the leading pack and by the end of this stage had caught up with the lead runner.  From this point both Emma and the girl from Clifton Hall school were jostling between 1st and 2nd place.  This part of the race lead down a short hill and straight up a sharp hill with Emma coming out 2nd on the top which then moved into another flat declining section of the course to the next bend. At this point Emma emerged victorious and was leading up the final hill digging in with gritted teeth to maintain her lead.  Towards the top of the hill and final bend Emma was slowing but with shout from her supportive Dad “man on” i.e. the other runner is catching, Emma stepped up to top gear and moved away and opened up on the downhill finish.  With a winning time of 6 mins 9 seconds Emma put in an outstanding performance with her second place rival put in a tremendous run with a time of 6:16 and 3rd place runner from Edinburgh Academy completing the podium positions with 6:24.  The fastest time on the 2nd Primary 6 Girls race L to Z was 6.24 so Emma deservedly takes the title of Scottish Primary School Cross Country Champion – Primary 6 Girls. 
The other runners on the day were Kate Kane (Kirktonholme, P7) finishing 29th in a field of 136, Rachel Johnstone (St Hilary’s, P7) finishing  33rd in a field of 129,  Anna Fegan (St Hilary’s, P7) finishing  82nd in a field of 129 and new to the Harriers Jessica Hagan (St Kenneth’s, P6) finishing  52nd in a field of 115.
Absolutely delighted with Emma’s performance and I was equally delighted with all the other girls. It is a tough race and they all completed it so well.
Well done to all for taking part in the races and for representing their schools so well.