Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Team Calderglen Harriers Juniors @ Chatelherault

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture hosted a new event on Saturday 26th March 2016 at Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton. It was an Easter Trail Run Festival for all, 1k, 3k, 5k and 10k races.
1k winner, K Wheeler

Kai Wheeler, 1st, 3.09
Steven Cooper, 3rd, 3.10 and 2nd boy 
Daisy Blake
Gabrielle Coffey
Kieran Rooney
Cara Rooney
Orlagh Rooney

No offical chipped times for the 1k runners. Times recorded were from parents.

3k runners on your marks...!
4th, Louis Blake, 8:23
7th, Max Jones, 8.33
9th, Lewis Moir, 8:50
12th, Freya Kane, 9:08
15th, Ava Byrne, 9:30
16th, Lucy Saez, 9:44
17th, Oliva Hendry, 10:08

All the race winners

Monday, 21 March 2016


UPDATE:   Since I last posted this the number of Calderglen Harriers running has increased from 4 to 13.  7 for the 1k and 6 for the 3k, and still 1 senior for the 10k. Running is not just Wednesday and Saturday sessions. Take part in a race and see how good you are after all the regular training you do week in week out.

This would be a good low key running event for the junior section of Calderglen Harriers to particpate.  Going by Parkrun results we have improving athletes that are more than able.  Get your Mums & Dads to taxi you done there in the car and get a sugary treat at the cafe in Chatelherault visitor centre after the race.

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture are hosting a new event on Saturday 26th March 2016 at Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton.
Registation will take place within the Gallery in Chatelherault
Opens at 9.00am & closes at 10.15am
10k start time: 10.30am (Adults)
5k start time: 10.40am (15+)
3k start time: 11.45am (Under 15s and under 12s)
1k start time: 12.15pm (5-9 years)

Entry fees     
10K - £12.00 (Adults)
5K - £8  (15+)
3k  - £4 Under 15s and Under 12s)
1k - £3 (5-9years)
Course details
All events will take place through the beautiful trails of Chatelherault Country Park, all events will start and finish on the grass area in front of the hunting lodge.
10k - 2 x 5k Laps (Through trails, undulating terraine)
5k - 1 Lap (Through the trails, undulating terraine)
3k - 1 lap on trails and grass
1k on trail and grass
There will be an Easter Bunnet competition for the best decorated Bunnet in the 1k, 3k and 5k events.  This is optional to all runners. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Victoria Park Junior Parkrun #69 (2k) - 20/03/16

3 Top 10 positions out of 98 runners and another Pb.  Last 4 weekly parkruns Ruby achieved 3 Pbs and equalled one of her Pbs. Fantastic Ruby.
6th, Ruby Byrne, 8:35, 18th junior parkrun, Pb by 13 seconds
9th, Kai Wheeler, 9:06, 27th junior parkrun
10th, Ava Byrne, 9:06, 18th junior parkrun Equalled Pb

So far guys you are all responding to your training as the results speak volumes.  This is really terrific and and a sense of pride from your coach.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Victoria Park Junior Parkrun #68 (2k) - 13/03/16
Another 3 Top 20 positions out of 99 runners and another Pb.  Running out of words guys but really impressed keep it going, hard work pays off pure and simple.
11th, Ruby Byrne, 8:48, 17th junior parkrun, Pb by 1 second 
12th, Kai Wheeler, 9:01, 26th junior parkrun
14th, Ava Byrne, 9:09, 17th junior parkrun

Pollok Parkrun #370 (5k) - 12/03/16
Massive Pb, 73rd out of 398 field of runners and 1st in his age group. Well done Lewis.

73rd, Lewis Moir, 22:47, 8th 5k parkrun, Pb by 2:32 mins

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Victoria Park Junior Parkrun #67 (2k) - 06/03/16
3 Top 20 positions out of 117 runners and 1 Pb.  Another set of amazing results & performances. Keep it going, superb!
11th, Ruby Byrne, 8:49, 16th junior parkrun, Equalled Pb
12th, Rudi Jordan, 8:53, 14th junior parkrun
13th, Ava Byrne, 9:06, 16th junior parkrun, Pb by 2 seconds (2 Pbs 2 weeks in a row)