Friday, 9 February 2018


My hope is all the regular Parkrun attendees and who attend the Saturday session will seriously consider this event.  If you can do a 5k parkrun and train twice a week you can do this.  This event is a development race for our athletes as they don't compete in races out of choice and need to learn their race craft.  Lets get alot of you out there to create a more supportive and club atmosphere in a competition.

This event is on Sunday 18th March at Battery Park, Eldon Street, Greenock, PA16 7QG. This is a pre-entry race and I will need names by Wednesday 28th February.  Race fees as usual covered by club as it is a national event.

I hope that we can fill the field with Calderglen teams in all the age groups as we have over 25 young athletes in the club who could do this race.  Our strongest age groups in terms of numbers of athletes are under 13 Girls and Under 15 Girls. As well as individual prizes there is a team prize for each team of 3 young athletes in each age group.

Both U13 races cover 2500 metres (2.5k)
U13 Girls declarations close at 11:50am and race starts at 12.20pm
U13 Boys declarations close at 12:05pm and race starts at 12.35pm

Both U15 races cover 4200 metres (4.2k)
U15 Girls declarations close at 11am and race starts at 11:30am
U15 Boys declarations close at 11:25am and race starts at 11:55am

Both U17 races cover 4900 metres (4.9k)
U17 Women declarations close at 12:20pm and race starts at 12:50pm
U17 Men declarations close at 12:45pm and race starts at 1:15pm

I spoke to the athletes from John & Mark's squad at Wednesday night training to let them know about this race and to have a think about it.

Remember the race criteria (apart from set age groups) is all athletes need to be registered with Scottish Athletics (see link for more info: and have a club running vest (see Richard).

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