Friday, 1 November 2019


Lanarkshire Cross Country Championships is a club event for running clubs in the area and is individual event with team prizes incorporated.

Link to last year's report:

This event will take place on Saturday 23rd November at Kirkland Park in Strathaven (new location). All the races are individual. Ages as at 31 August / 1 September 2019. Details are as follows:

Age group
Race 1
U11 Girls
1200m (1 small lap)
Race 2
U11 Boys
1200m (1 small lap)
Race 3
U13 Girls
2500m (1 large lap)
Race 4
U13 Boys
2500m (1 large lap)
Race 5
U15 Girls
3700m (1 small + 1 large lap)
Race 5
U15 Boys
3700m (1 small + 1 large lap)
Race 6
U17 Men
5000m (2 large laps)
Race 6
U17 Women
5000m (2 large laps)
Race 6
Sen/Vet Ladies
7500m (3 large laps)
Race 7
Sen/Vet Men
7500m (3 large laps)

Age groups are u11 (9 & 10 yrs), u13 (11 & 12 yrs), u15 (13 & 14 yrs), u17 (15 & 16 yrs) and everybody else is Senior or Veteran.

Volunteers: The race organiser states that all clubs need to provide a minimum of 2 volunteers and failure to do so will result in club entries being declined.  So if you can volunteer please see Richard.

Race Entry

This year everyone needs to enter the race themselves. You can enter the race via Q-Buster using the code laaaxc_19.

Entries close on Wednesday 20th November


Wednesday, 9 October 2019


Please take note....Schools out for the October week next week so we have made the decision to have NO TRAINING next Wednesday 16th October. 

If you know anyone who wasn't at training tonight please pass on the news. I have put this on the juniors FB page.

Enjoy your night off. 

With regards to Saturday training on 12th & 19th October these training sessions are on as normal.


Monday, 23 September 2019

SL Super Race Series - Dirty Duo

Colin Girvan, Recreation Officer at Torrance House Golf Course sent me email inviting and raising awareness of South Lanarkshire Leisure's Dirty Duo event on Sunday 29th September in our very own Calderglen Country Park.

There are races from Primary 1 age through to adult.

Ages 5 – 7            200m run – 500m bike – 100m run            £6.00

Age 8                   400m run – 1.6km bike – 400m run           £12.00

Age 9-10              800m run – 1.6km bike – 800m run           £12.00

Age 11-14            800m run – 3.2km bike – 800m run           £12.00

Age 15-16            800m run – 4.8km bike – 800m run           £12.00

Adults (17+)       3.2km run – 8km bike – 3.2km run            £28.00

There is also a team option for the adults where you can team up with a friend or two and choose who runs and who cycles.

Colin advised they can provide bikes for anyone who requires them too.

So if you are interested you enter via the q-buster website and entries close on Saturday 28th September.


Sunday, 1 September 2019


I have put information on the junior Facebook page for winter XC races coming with dates, explanation on age groups and what they are for current new season 2019/20.

If anyone is running any events and wants to do a blog report with photos then let me know. If any athlete does a Parkrun to competitive running event and you want to tell your running community then let me know and we can put it on the blog .

Calderglen Harriers Junior section is open for business.


Monday, 1 July 2019


Just a reminder the Juniors are taking a short break from regular club sessions for 2 weeks. The Wednesday sessions will start back on Wednesday 17th July at 6.30pm and the Saturday session on 20th July at 10am (tbc). 

A well deserved break for the young athletes, parents and coaches.  For everyone who is going on holiday please enjoy yourselves and come back injury free (that includes the coaches!) 

We look forward to seeing you all then and I hope you all enjoy your summer break.

Monday, 1 April 2019


I had put this on FB and now  adding it to the blog in case people are not part of the FB group.   If you want to be added to the FB group please email me.

I told a few parents and the kids last week that attended training we are taking the school spring break off. This marks the end of winter with a rest and everyone to come break re-freshed ready to train for the club's Trail race on Friday 29th June.

So no training on the following Wednesdays, 3rd and 10th April, and we will return as normal on Wednesday 17th April.

Saturday session won't be on this week (6th April) as Coach Mark is doing the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7th April and is making a weekend of it. So please join me in wishing Mark good luck and hope you have a good marathon.

Mark is planning to do a Saturday session on 13th April and will notify everyone on FB next week of further details.

Please pass this message onto anyone you know that attends the Harriers who might not be aware we are on a break.


Sunday, 17 March 2019


Scottish Young Athletes Scottish RR Championships - 17/03/19

Big finish to our winter season as we had 3 athletes battling out at the Scottish Young Athletes Scottish RR Championships at the Royal Highland Centre in Ingleston. It's was a  brand new location for this event and it looked like a very flat,made for speed,course.

Well done to everyone who ran the 3k course for under 13 athletes

60th, Lewis Moir, 11.15
79th, Aidian Hamilton, 11.39
96th, Kai Wheeler, 12.14

Link to results: