Sunday, 14 October 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #89 - 14/10/18

1st, Aidian Hamilton, 7:57, 10th junior parkrun

118 runners in field

Link to results:

Strathcarron Trail Race - 2.5k - 14/10/18

4th, Kai Wheeler, 10:04

Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #245 - 13/10/18

46th, Kai Wheeler , 23:11, 14th parkrun

334 runners in field

Link to results:

Friday, 12 October 2018


Due to the school October week and people away for holidays during this time we have decided to have a rest this week for athletes and coaches and take a short break.
We will be back on Wednesday 24th October at 6:30pm as usual.
The following week is Halloween so we are asking now if anyone will be up training or all out trick a treating?
Let me know to gauge potential attendance.

Sunday, 7 October 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #88 - 07/10/18

1st, Aidian Hamilton, 7:39, 9th junior parkrun, Pb by 10 seconds

Great performance by Aidian.  Over the last 2 months 5 consecutive sub 8 min runs on this course. Plus a Pb in the 5k Strathclyde Park Parkrun yesterday.

157 runners in field

Link to results:

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #419 - 06/10/18

76th, Aidian Hamilton, 22:25, 4th parkrun, Pb by 15 seconds
332nd, Eve Lindsay, 32:00, 8th parkrun
353rd, Anna Lindsay, 33:24, 9th parkrun

409 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #244 - 06/10/18

106th, Kai Wheeler, 22:41, 13th parkrun

407 runners in field

Link to results:

Saturday, 6 October 2018


This years National short course XC will be held on the Lanark Race Course, Hyndford Road, Lanark, ML11 9TA on Saturday 10th November. 
Start times & distance are:
under 15 Girls, 12pm, distance 2k

under 15 boys, 12:15pm, distance 2k
under 17 women, 12:30pm, distance 3k
under 17 men, 12:50pm, distance 3k
Senior/Junior Women, 1:10pm, distance 4k
Senior/Junior Men, 1:35pm, distance 4k

This is the first of the straight/individual races for cross country. Cost is covered by club.

I need names by Wednesday 17th October which is 2 weeks as this is a club pre entry only.


Friday, 5 October 2018


Further to my last announcement about race entry decisions for relay races here is a list of Scottish Athletics National Championships and Lanarkshire Amateur Athletics Association (LAAA) Championships coming up for individuals.

Saturday 10th November - National Short Course XC Championships in Lanark (age groups u15/u17/u20 (Jun) + Masters/Sen)

u15 - born during 01/09/03 to 31/08/05
u17 - born during 01/09/01 to 31/08/03
u20 - born during 01/09/98 to 31/08/01

Further info on this event:

Saturday 24th November - LAAA Cross Country Championships in Coatbridge (all age groups u11/u13/u15/u17 + Masters/Sen/Jun)

Saturday 8th December - West District Cross Country Championships in Kilmarnock (age groups u13/u15/u17 + Masters/Sen/Jun)

Saturday 23rd February - National Cross Country Championships in Falkirk (age groups u13/u15/u17 + Masters/Sen/Jun)

Sunday 17 March - Young Athletes Road Races in Edinburgh
(age groups u13/u15/u17)

All these races you will require a Calderglen Harrier running vest, register to be a member of Scottish Athletics and I recommend running in spikes or trail shoes for cross country races.
Once entry forms become available I will notify young athletes and parents and if your child is interested let me know as I need to do a club entry.
Thank you


Weekend round up from last week.  Better late than never!

Another busy weekend with one of biggest events the Great Scottish Run and people still found time to do parkruns again Aidan Hamilton on double duty, 5k on Saturday and 2k on Sunday with a Pb and 1st place.  Keep up the good work everyone, participation and performance, brilliant.   There are pictures but are on our closed facebook page for our young members and parents to see. Richard.

Great Scottish Junior Run - 29/09/18

Lewis Moir, 11:05
Eve Lindsay, 14:00
Emma Hutton, 14:13
Anna Lindsay, 14:41

Link to results:

Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #87 - 30/09/18

1st, Aidan Hamilton, 7:49, 8th junior parkrun
8th, Steven Cooper, 8:40, 18th junior parkrun

143 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park Junior 2k Parkrun #191 - 30/09/18

5th, Kai Wheeler, 8:38, 53rd junior parkrun

113 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #243 - 29/09/18

39th, Aidan Hamilton, 22:26, 3rd parkrun, Pb by 34 seconds

274 runners in field

Link to results:

Monday, 24 September 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #86 - 23/09/18

24th, Zoe Hutton, 10:18, 34th junior parkrun
29th, Emma Hutton, 10:30, 32nd junior parkrun

103 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park Junior 2k Parkrun #190 - 23/09/18

5th, Kai Wheeler, 8:32, 52nd junior parkrun

108 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #242 - 22/09/18

46th, Lewis Moir, 21:20, 26th parkrun

365 runners in field

Link to results:


I recently communicated to the young athletes at training and to parents through are usual social media channels that we were looking to recruit teams to take part in the West District Cross Country Championships Relays on Saturday 13th October.
With regret due to low numbers for a variety of reasons including no responses and I believe a lack of interest I have decided not enter any Calderglen Harriers young athletes for this event.
The next 2 events in the race calendar are also team relay races and so have decided in advance not to enter any Calderglen Harriers young athletes for these events.
The first individual cross country championship is on Saturday 10th November for under 15 and under 17 age groups and seniors & masters. This event is in Lanark and closing date is Wednesday 17th October.  If anyone young athlete is interested in this event please let me know.
If anyone wishes to speak to me about my decision on a one to one basis parent or young athlete please approach me.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Due to the current severe weather we have had so far today I have decided to cancel tonight's training.
There is likely to be alot of tree debris around Calderglen Country Park, I know train services have been cancelled so home time for parents might be a nightmare, rush hour on the roads might be worse and I don't anyone risking themselves to get their son or daughter to running if delayed getting home from work.
Also I don't want to put any young athletes or coaches at risk in this weather tonight. 
Saturday session still planned to be on and any changes Mark will communicate through Facebook group. 

Please spread the word.  See you all next week

Thank you and stay safe.



I need names by Wednesday 19th September at training at the very latest as this is pre-entry. A simple yes or no is good enough for me.

Any questions from athletes or parents please ask any of the Coaching team including myself, Mark, John or Frances.


This year's West District XC relays Championships will take place at Sports Scotland Centre, Burnside Road, Largs, KA30 8RW on Saturday 13th October.

14/09/18-NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: Scottish Maritime Museum, Beach Park, 6 Gottries Rd, Irvine, KA11 8QE

Young Females race starts at 12:30pm
Young Males race starts at 1:05pm

Distance is 2.5k per leg

Lap 1 need a under 13
Lap 2 need a under 15 or 13
Lap 3 need a under 17 or 15

3 athletes from one club are a team and there is team prizes as well as individual.

Junior Endurance Section will cover race cost to help encourage participation.


You have to run in a club vest and need cross country spikes or trail shoes.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #85 - 16/09/18
3rd, Aidan Hamilton, 8:00, 7th junior parkrun

141 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #241 - 15/09/18
94th, Aidan Hamilton, 23:00, 2nd parkrun

400 runners in field

Link to results:

Aidan Hamilton has been increasing his participation and performance for a number of weeks doing a variety of parkruns.  This weekend he was on double duty with the 5k on Saturday and 2k today.  Both good times that he has put down and I am sure there is more to come.  The Rouken Glen parkrun would have been extra challenging as the Giffnock North big guns are back and always provide tough competition.  I know the coach and how hard they work at training always putting an extra gear.  Well done Aidan.
Cumbernauld 10k and 1k races - Sunday 16 September

From facebook group and text updates today we have 4 junior runners out competing in the various races today at Cumbernauld.
First out and first home Steven Cooper was 1st Primary 6 in the 1k race. This was quickly followed by the Primary 7 1k with Kai Wheeler achieving a brilliant bronze in 3rd place.
Last but not least 2 of the clubs under 17 Women, Lucy Saez and Ashleigh Moir competed and completed their first 10k with great results.  Lucy was 2nd under 20 female in 57:20 and Ashleigh was 3rd under 20 female in 57:35
It is really nice to be reporting on the success you are all having from working hard in training and applying yourself in parkruns and races.  This is proof we can participate and perform as Calderglen Harriers.  Keep up the good work and it will only get better.

Sunday, 9 September 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #84 - 09/09/18
1st, Aidan Hamilton, 7:54, 5th junior parkrun

A quiet weekend for races and parkruns. One lone Harrier was out this weekend finishing another 1st place at Rouken Glen parkrun.  After achieving this 2 weeks ago Aidan Hamilton did it again only 5 seconds shy of his Pb.
Participation and performance. Fantastic result.

156 runners in field

Link to results:

Sunday, 2 September 2018


North Ayrshire Athletics Club (NAAC) 2k 2018

19th, Ben Buchanan, 8:41
50th Zoe Hutton, 9:55
55th, Emma Hutton, 10:14

97 runners in field

Link to results:

Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #83 - 02/09/18

23rd, Zoe Hutton, 9:50, 31st junior parkrun
35th, Emma Hutton, 10:34, 30th junior parkrun 
176 runners in field

Link to results:

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #416 - 01/09/18

76th, Aidan Hamilton, 22:40, 1st parkrun

388 runners in field

Link to results:

Well done all runners this weekend especially Emma & Zoe on double duty to day at Rouken Glen parkrun then NAAC 2k this afternoon.

Participation and performance. Always do your best.


Sunday, 26 August 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #82 - 26/08/18

1st, Aidan Hamilton, 7:51, 5th junior parkrun
7th, Steven Cooper, 8:54, 17th junior parkrun

Aidan 1st overall and 2 seconds shy of his Pb and top ten finish for Steven. Participation and performance. Fantastic results for both boys.

145 runners in field

Link to results:

Saturday's training session this week was running at the weekly, timed free 5k parkrun at Strathclyde Park. This type of session is good for all levels as it assess your level of fitness and your speed endurance over 5k. Then if you want to improve and get better you attend Wednesday & Saturday training sessions, apply yourself and push yourself to the limits and always do your best. Participation and performance.

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #415 - 25/08/18

21st, Chris McCarron, 19:48, 13th parkrun, Pb by 48 seconds
30th, Lewis Moir, 20:56, 25th parkrun, close to Pb
70th, Max Jones, 23:03, 3rd parkrun, Pb by 8mins 15 secs!
96th, Kai Wheeler, 24:01, 12th parkrun
166th, Lucy Saez, 27:44, 10th parkrun
176th, Zoe Hutton, 28:20, 1st parkrun
183rd, Emma Hutton, 28:39, 1st parkrun

 342 runners in field

Link to results:

Well done to all 7 Harriers that participated and performed at yesterday's parkrun and Saturday's training session. With the pending Cross Country season in October and a few big road races in September this time is crucial to start improving your fitness and endurance to take part in these events.
A big thank you to Coach Mark for meeting everyone down at Strathclyde Park to co-ordinate the session.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


L to R: Olivia, Mackenzie, Eve, Sophie & Lewis
First night back after my 2 weeks and I was pleasantly surprised with the big turn out plus some new recruits.  Well done everyone who attended and hope this turns into another good season for you all.

I had the pleasure of rewarding some of the junior athletes with their performances from the club Trail race in June. 
Junior Section Trail Race Performance Awards 
The following young athletes were 1st Calderglen Harrier home in their age groups.  This year all Performance Award winners will get EK Shopping Centre voucher.

1st Calderglen Harrier home in their age groups
Sophie Buchanan, Under 9 Female, 1k
Eve McAlpine, Under 12 Female, 3k
Lewis Moir, Under 12 Male, 3k

Olivia McAlpine, Under 15 Female, 3k
Mackenzie Lamont, Under 15 Male, 3k

Christopher McCarron, Under 17 Male, 5k

Well done to all the young athletes and their performances in the races and here is to a good 2018/19 season.



Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #81 - 19/08/18

31st, Zoe Hutton, 10:04, 32nd junior parkrun
45th, Emma Hutton, 10:30, 30th junior parkrun

Well done to sisters Emma & Zoe. Zoe is new to the juniors is setting her own standard, girl power!

152 runners in field

Link to results:

Victoria Park Junior 2k Parkrun #185 - 19/08/18

2nd, Lewis Moir, 7:31, 36th junior parkrun, Pb by 1 second on this course and possible for the 2k distance. Brilliant well done Lewis.

134 runners in field

Link to results:

Paisley 3k fun run - 19/08/18

37th, Kai Wheeler, Category Boys 8 to 12, 11:52

102nd, Steven Cooper, Category Boys 8 to 12,12:48

342 Boys 8 to 12 runners in field
1,137 runners in field

Link to results:

Wow another successful weekend for Calderglen Harriers. Good to see athletes taking part and giving racing a go.  You are doing yourselves, family, club and coaches proud. A massive pat on the back, well done and keep trying and don't give up.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


All details on the blog either direct or through facebook posts.

Sunday 19th August (late edition not added previously)
Paisley 3k (part of 10k event), closing date is 12pm on Friday 17th August

Wednesday 22nd August
Canal Running Festival, closing date Tuesday 21st August

Saturday 1st September
LAAA Track & Field Championship, closing date Monday 27th August

Sunday 2nd September
The Scottish Mid-Trail Championships, closing date Wednesday 29th August

Sunday 16th September (late edition not added previously)
Cumbernauld 1k and 3k, closing date Monday 3rd September

Saturday 29th September (late edition not added previously)
Junior Great Scottish Run, 2.5k, ages 9-15
10k event for ages 16 plus


Barshaw Park Junior 2k Parkrun #4 - 12/08/18

1st, Lewis Moir, 7:59, 35th junior parkrun, 1st timer / course best

47 runners in field

Link to results:

Lanark Trail Running Festival - 12/08/18

1k event

4th, Steven Cooper, 4:40, 33 runners in field

5k event

18th, Max Jones, 26:13,
26th, Emma Hutton, 29:24
49th, Zoe Hutton, 36:08

73 runners in field

Link to results:

Well done to all racing this weekend. Go to see Harriers spread themselves across new and different events.  This adds to the fun of running and improving racing head. Keep up the good work.


Sunday, 5 August 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #79 - 05/08/18

1st, Max Jones, 7:46, 9th junior parkrun, Pb by 13 seconds
6th, Steven Cooper, 8:40, 16th junior parkrun

115 runners in field

Link to results:

What can you say, 1st out of 115 and a Pb best result you get. Well done Max magic performance. Be proud.

Another consistent performance by Steven, not too far from a new Pb it will come. 

Keep working hard and you will achieve more good times.


Friday, 3 August 2018

The Scottish Mid-Trail Championship 2018

The Scottish Mid-Trail Championship has just been announced and will be held on Sunday 2nd September in Fife and online entry is available.  Fife AC have kindly agreed to host the championships, with Strathmiglo as the start/finish location for races for all age groups.  There are medals on offer from U15 through to U20/Seniors/Masters.
The U20/Senior/Masters race for men and women is over 10K with the U15 and U17 mixed gender races over 5K. For the U11 and U13 races, the distance is 3K.
Closing date is Wednesday 29th August.
The U11 and U13 are development races and not part of the Scottish Championships as Fife AC host their ‘Festival of Trail Running’ and welcome all standard of athletes from beginners in this discipline to Scotland internationals.
Entries are now open online via the EntryCentral website.

Sunday, 29 July 2018


Our regional athletics association Lanarkshire Amateur Athletics Association (LAAA) have now opened entries for this year's Track & Field Championship on Saturday 1st September at Wishaw track.

There are track events for all age groups under 11 to under 17. The middle distance events are 600m for u11, 800m for u11 to u17, 1500m for u15 to u17 all girls and boys. There is shorter distances and field events but the events mentioned are the ones that would best suit anyone from Calderglen Harriers. However have a bit of fun and try something different, its up to you! Closing date is Monday 27th August.

To enter the access code is laaat&f after clicking on link to q buster:

You will need a running vest for this event so if need see me to get one. The vest cost is £12, you will need to be a member of Scottish Athletics and if you are serious consider looking into buying running spikes.

I will put a link up to be a member of Scottish Athletics:

The day of this event I can't be there as I am planning to take part in another race myself.  If any of the other Coaches or Parents want to take a lead on this be my guest.

This is a facebook group as well.


Canal Running Festival


Very quiet weekend. No news of anyone doing any races or parkruns this week.  Only news to report is last week Chris McCarron ran the Linwood Parkrun for the 1st time.

Linwood Park 5k Parkrun #103 - 21/07/18

7th, Chris McCarron, 19.25, 12th parkrun

139 runners in field

Link to results:

Looking back at his previous parkrun results could be his best or one of his best times.  Well done Chris.

Sunday, 22 July 2018


Just a reminder training is back on.

We started back on Wednesday last week with a small number of athletes.  The Saturday sessions have been cancelled last few weeks due no takers or low numbers.  We will keep you all posted about this Saturday's session.  Keep an eye on the blog and facebook group.

Remember you need to be invited by email to join the facebook group. So if you want to keep in the know then drop me email to take care of it.



Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #413 - 21/07/18

204th, Max Jones, 31:18, 2nd 5k parkrun
205th, Steven Cooper, 31:19, 2nd 5k parkrun

279 runners in field
Link to results:

Well done Max & Steven on your 1st competitive 5k.  Now you have set a benchmark there is room to improve.  Keep working hard and you will achieve more good times.


Sunday, 8 July 2018


Victoria Park Junior 2k Parkrun #179 - 08/07/18

2nd, Kai Wheeler, 8:26, 50th junior parkrun 
64 runners in field
Link to results:

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #411 - 07/07/18

186th, Ashleigh Moir, 28:50, 9th parkrun
245th, Max Jones, 33:41, 1st 5k parkrun
246th, Steven Cooper, 33:42, 1st 5k parkrun

289 runners in field
Link to results:

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Trail Race Final Results On-Line Now

The 2018 Calderglen Trail Running Festival final results are now available on line here along with the results from all previous years. Thanks for the feedback and corrections.

Friday, 29 June 2018


Can all junior Harriers doing the 1k and 3k aim to arrive at the club house for 5.15pm. Coach John Mullen will do his annual trail warm up. We have 3 young athletes from the club doing the 1k and a huge 22 Calderglen Harriers running the 3k across u12 & 15. 
 ** Remember your running vest if you have one or wear your yellow Harrier technical t-shirt** Like football all clubs will be running with their club vest.
Thank you

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


This year we are going old school and having a shorter break rather than our usual longer break. So listen up here are the details:-

Wednesday sessions
Wednesday 27th June will be our last training session before our 2 week summer break. 

The Wednesday night training will resume on Wednesday 18th July at 6:30pm
Saturday sessions
Mark will start the Saturday sessions again on Saturday 14th July at 10:00am .
A well deserved break for the young athletes, parents and coaches.  For everyone who is going on holiday please enjoy yourselves and come back injury free (that includes the coaches!) 

We look forward to seeing you all then and I hope you all enjoy your summer break.

Monday, 25 June 2018


The schools finish on Thursday 28th June this week and our annual club trail race is on Friday 29th June with first event starting at 6pm.

So as a club we need your young athlete and parent support............

Trail Race Entries
All the juniors who want to do the race can get an entry form on training night, fill it in, hand it in and you get to do the race for FREE.  There is official individual race prizes, age group and Team prizes.  Also the junior section have their own additional prizes to celebrate Harrier success in the event. Last chance....closing date for FREE entry is Wednesday 27th June at training.
Junior Buffet @ Trail Race
For the last 5 years we have put on a junior buffet for all the runners who do the 1k & 3k and due to the support from parents & coaches over this period it has been a great success. However due a change in food legislation we reluctantly took the decision not do a junior buffet.

Trail Race Volunteers
The Trail Race Director Jim Mearns is looking for volunteers to help on the day.  If you are free please go the senior blog through this link to get Jim's mobile number to call him to offer any help you can give.

Thank you for your time,


Sunday, 24 June 2018


Dechmont Law Trail Race - 24/06/18

Kai and Chris in action at the Dechmont Law 3.5k trail race.

Chris was 5th and Kai was 9th.

No times as yet.

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #409 - 23/06/18

32nd, Lewis Moir, 20:32, 24th parkrun, Pb by 45 seconds,
4th in Age Group JM11-14

Great run from Lewis.  Final hard run before the holidays and rewarded with a Pb.  270 runners in the field 

Link to results:

Wednesday 20th June - Time Trial for u11 training squad

7 weeks ago as part of the squads training they undertook a 2 lap time trial of the Christmas fun run route which measured 2.6k to  set a benchmark time.  This was again repeated on Wednesday's training to assess improvement over the last 7 week period of training.

1.3k Time Trial - 1 lap
Sophie Buchanan, 7.10, Pb by 2mins 38secs

2.6k Time Trial - 2 laps
Steven Cooper, 11.32, Pb by  12 seconds
Daisy Blake, 12.16, Pb by 13 seconds
Francis Santangeli, 12.28, Pb by 1min 56 secs
Anna Lindsay, 13.42, Pb by 2mins 17 secs
Zara Howell, 13.38, set benchmark time

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Please note we NO ACCESS to our usual hall in the Sports Club on Wednesday 20th June.  We have agreed in advance a local scouts group are holding their annual AGM in the hall.
Please meet in the reception area of the Sports Club to allow the register to be taken and we will finish there as well.
Thank you

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Rouken Glen Junior 2k Parkrun #72 - 17/06/18

3rd, Max Jones, 8:13, 6th junior parkrun
9th, Steven Cooper, 8:50, 13th junior parkrun

Great run from Max & Steven today. Both top ten and Max got a podium position. Fantastic effort from Max chasing the 2nd place runner, only 11 seconds in it.

119 runners in the field 

Link to results:

Victoria Park Junior 2k Parkrun #176 - 17/06/18

6th, Kai Wheeler, 8:19, 49th junior parkrun, 2nd in the JM 11-14 age group

88 runners in the field 

Link to results:

Well done Max, Steven and Kai.  Good to see racing hard and producing good performances. Keep working hard and you will reap the rewards.


Saturday, 16 June 2018

POLLOK PARKRUN #486 - 16/06/18

Saturday's training session this week was in Pollok Park on the south side of Glasgow taking on the Pollok 5k parkrun. To encourage people to train with purpose and attend Wednesday & Saturday sessions, every so often Coach Mark Saez volunteers to meet the juniors there for a warm up before the 0930 start or kick off as they say in some other sport that has a huge event going on right know.

The run at a Parkrun allows both coach & athlete to assess their fitness and improvement which comes from applying yourself, working hard and attending Wednesday & Saturday sessions regularly.

However today's session we only had 2 juniors, Lucy Saez (under 17) and Lewis Moir (under 13) and in support we had Lewis's Mum Lynsey and Grandpa Stuart and myself all taking part. Not really a junior session! Lewis's Gran Maud and Mark were our cheer leaders today.  Mark is in rest mode as he is running the Mens 10k in Glasgow tomorrow hoping for a sub 38 10k. Go for it Mark!

All 5 of us got ourselves to the start and after the all announcements we were off in the pouring rain. I started mid field after bumping into an old friend and too busy chatting so missed my start near the front as this parkrun has always had a crammed start even for today's 372 runners.

Not long after the first turn I heard wheezing in the background with a guy eventually passing with his rat or small dog with 3 inch legs going like the clappers and then a guy barging by me with a double buggy on a  narrow part of the route, the cheek!  Once we got up the hill the course opens up and everyone can spread out a bit.  At this point I passed Lucy who was running well and then I could see Stuart in the distance and slowly closing in on him. Towards the end of the first lap I passed Stuart and the wheezing dog had given up.  The poor thing was knackered and its owner was trying to get it to move faster but the dog was spent. Thank God quite humiliating had the dog beaten me!

Onto the second lap and I was committed to grinding it out and clearly no chance of catching Lewis on this occasion or maybe any occasion now. This lap was uneventful with an attempted fast finish from the last right turn I passed the runner in front who wasn't paying attention then I could hear him stepping up to get by me and he beat me by 1 second to the line. Results are:-

Pollok Park 5k Parkrun #486 - 16/06/18
34th, Lewis Moir, 21:22, 23rd parkrun, Course Pb by 19 seconds
54th, Richard Lawton, 22:41, 63rd parkrun
61st, Stuart Waugh, 22:58, 52nd parkrun
123rd, Lynsey Moir, 25:26, 27th parkrun
161st, Lucy Saez, 27:07, 9th parkrun
372 runners in the field 

Link to results:

Friday, 1 June 2018


Sunday 24th June 2018
Dechmont Law Trail Race in Livingston, West Lothian

This is an alternative style of running event to take part in and good practice if your taking part in our own Trail race on Friday 29th June.  You can enter on the day up to 30 mins before the race and this will cost you an extra £1 on the day or enter via Q Buster:

2k Fun Run
@ 10:45am, cost 50p, Runners under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult

3.5k junior Trail Race 
@ 11:15am, cost £8 (£6 for Scottish Athletic members)
(age 12 to 16 years)

3.5k Trail Race 
@ 11:15am, cost £10 (£8 for Scottish Athletic members)
(age 16 years +)

10k Trail Race
@ 12pm, cost £10 (£8 for Scottish Athletic members)
(age 17 years +)

Sunday, 27 May 2018


Discover Dunblane 2km Youth Race - 27/05/18

Kai in action
Kai Wheeler was in action at the Dunblane 2k Youth Race. Build as 2k race Kai's Dad said it as actually a 1mile race.  Despite that Kai put in gutsy performance being one of the youngest in the under 13 male category and finished in 6th in a time of 6:58.

Rouken Glen Junior 2k Parkrun #69 - 27/05/18

31st, Sophie Freeman, 10:38, 12th junior parkrun

106 runners in the field 

Link to results:

Tollcross Park 5k Parkrun #265 - 26/05/18

109th, Emma Mearns, 40:20, 3rd parkrun

114 runners in the field 

Link to results:
Victoria Park 5k Parkrun #226 - 26/05/18

46th, Lewis Moir, 20:33, 22nd parkrun, Pb by 1min 13 secs

Massive well done to Lewis for a great time & Pb for himself and in the JM 11-14 age group. There was a number of Senior Harriers running this parkrun including myself who ran Pbs and being the only junior out of 8 Harriers Lewis was first Harrier home.
338 runners in the field