Tuesday, 15 January 2019


The final big cross country event of the season is the Scottish National XC in Falkirk on Saturday 23rd February. This is only 5 weeks away.
If any of the regular competitive athletes are planning to do this event my advice is to train as much as you can.  It is a great running event competing against athletes in your age group from all over Scotland but it is a tough event.  So to give yourself a chance to perform as well as you can you need to do more than 1 Wednesday session per week.
You need to start attending the Saturday sessions with Mark at 10am, go out running yourself or get some parkruns in. All other clubs train twice a week and some do three sessions a week plus strength and conditioning session. So its up to each individual how much work they want to put in to do the best they can.
In addition the Senior section have fortnightly cross country sessions at Branchumhall football pitches.  The final session dates are:
Monday 21st January
Monday 4th February
Monday 18th February
We normally run from the clubhouse down to Branchumhall which is about 2 miles, do the planned session the run back to club. So this total distance can range from 6 to 8 miles on average.
Lewis Moir does this session with his Grandpa (who is a senior runner with club).  If any junior wanted to do this then I would suggest you meet at the car park at Branchumhall warmed up ready to do the session about 7:45pm and parents to remain in car park until session finished. Please speak to me if you want to do this.
If you only do Wednesdays then that's 5 sessions over 5 weeks
If you do Wednesday & Saturday sessions that's 10 sessions over 5 weeks
If you do Senior XC sessions, Wednesday & Saturday sessions that's 13 sessions over 5 weeks
Fitter, stronger and faster the more you train.
Once Scottish Athletics realise entry forms for this the Scottish National XC I will put the details out.

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