Sunday, 26 August 2018


Rouken Glen Park Junior 2k Parkrun #82 - 26/08/18

1st, Aidan Hamilton, 7:51, 5th junior parkrun
7th, Steven Cooper, 8:54, 17th junior parkrun

Aidan 1st overall and 2 seconds shy of his Pb and top ten finish for Steven. Participation and performance. Fantastic results for both boys.

145 runners in field

Link to results:

Saturday's training session this week was running at the weekly, timed free 5k parkrun at Strathclyde Park. This type of session is good for all levels as it assess your level of fitness and your speed endurance over 5k. Then if you want to improve and get better you attend Wednesday & Saturday training sessions, apply yourself and push yourself to the limits and always do your best. Participation and performance.

Strathclyde Park 5k Parkrun #415 - 25/08/18

21st, Chris McCarron, 19:48, 13th parkrun, Pb by 48 seconds
30th, Lewis Moir, 20:56, 25th parkrun, close to Pb
70th, Max Jones, 23:03, 3rd parkrun, Pb by 8mins 15 secs!
96th, Kai Wheeler, 24:01, 12th parkrun
166th, Lucy Saez, 27:44, 10th parkrun
176th, Zoe Hutton, 28:20, 1st parkrun
183rd, Emma Hutton, 28:39, 1st parkrun

 342 runners in field

Link to results:

Well done to all 7 Harriers that participated and performed at yesterday's parkrun and Saturday's training session. With the pending Cross Country season in October and a few big road races in September this time is crucial to start improving your fitness and endurance to take part in these events.
A big thank you to Coach Mark for meeting everyone down at Strathclyde Park to co-ordinate the session.

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