Monday, 22 February 2016


Just a reminder for the past 4 weeks we have now been doing a Saturday training session lead by coach Mark Saez.

The session is for athletes from Richard & John's training groups only which covers age groups under 11/13/15/17.

The meeting point will be our clubhouse, where we normally meet on a Wednesday, and the session will start at 10:45am and finish for 12pm.

There is no extra cost involved with putting this session on and we want to focus on increasing fitness and technical ability of the older athletes.  With having this extra session means athletes can do more of the same thing and new training to their benefit.
This is not compulsory so don't feel you have to bring your child along and the resources are still low for coaches and parent helpers so if you have the time please see if Mark could benefit from you volunteering your time at the session. 

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