Sunday, 18 January 2015


18/01/15, update @ 10:27am, the race is on

Sunday 18th January 2015

The East Kilbride XC race will be at O'Cathian  Farm, Hay Hill Road, Jackton, G74 5AN. Details are:

under 11 Girls, starting at 12.30pm, distance 1k
under 11 Boys, starting at 12:40pm, distance 1k
under 13 Girls, starting at 12:50pm, distance 2.1k
under 13 Boys, starting at 1:05pm, distance 2.1k
under 15 Girls, starting at 1:20pm, distance 4.2k
under 15 Boys, starting at 1:20pm, distance 4.2k
under 17 Girls, starting 1:45pm, distance 4.2k
under 17 Boys, starting at 2:20pm, distance 6.3k

Entry is on the day only and needs to be made by the athletes themselves rather than by the club.  Declarations are open from 11am with first race at 12:30pm.  Entry fee is £3 up to and including under 17s.
If you are entering I would prefer athletes to wear the Calderglen Harrier running vest.  They can be bought for £12 but I do have a selection of small vests that would suit most under 11s and small older athletes. Please ask me for one at training on Wednesday.


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