Monday, 10 November 2014


Megan Williamson & Kate Kane
Well done, one and all who competed yesterday, you put up on a good show for Calderglen Harriers, with 3 sub 10 minute performances in the under 15 girls 2k race, everyone who started finished and going by the times everyone put in gutsy individual performances. The short sharp shock of the 2k and 3k distances is good for the soul (and the soles) - a different way of racing and great experience to store up for next time out.
To those who didn't come and try - you missed yourself! I include myself in that with being on supporting Dad duty at Toryglen with Emma's Scottish Cup Final (oh and she won! her team won!) and me being injured just now.
GU15, 2k race
Kate Kane, 9.07
Megan Williamson, 9.42
Megan Anderson, 9.47
Hannah MacLeod, 10.08
Louise Brown, 10.09
Emma Phimister, 11.25

BU15, 2k race
Christopher McCarron, 10.10

GU17, 3k race
Morgan Beaton, 16.25

Next opportunities are Lanarkshire XC Championships in Coatbridge on Saturday 29th November and then the following week West Districts XC Championships on Sat 6th December in Linwood. So don't be shy, give it a try and give me your name to do any or both races.


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